Our guest house is situated very closely to the historic Torre Abbey being only a five minute walk away. Since its foundation in 1166 the abbey has played an important part in the local areas history and is actually the oldest building in Torquay. A variety of inhabitants from Canons, Abbots and the Cary family who lived in the abbey for 268 years have all contributed to the structure of Torquay from the building of its first harbour to the formation of nearby Newton Abbot. Today there are still signs of the Cary Family history, pubs, guest houses and even street names bear the name Cary throughout Torquay.

The Abbey also has another one of Torquays famous landmarks - "The Spanish Barn" so called because it housed 397 prisioners caught by Sir Francis Drake during the Spanish Armada battle and held in the barn for a fortnight.

Today after an extensive 6m renovation project provided with money from the Lottery Fund, Torre Abbey is open to the public for tours, weddings and art exhibitions. The second phase of renovation is under way to the East and South Wings.

For more information on visiting Torre Abbey or arranging your wedding or private function click on the link below:
Torre Abbey