Its that time of year again, the time between Autumn and Winter when leaves change colour and die and superstitition abounds.
Halloween is thought to have its origins in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, a time when townfolk celebrate a festival to mark the end of the harvest and the coming of the winter months. Cattle would be bought down from the pastures, some slaughtered for the winter months and the lighting of bonfires took place to cleanse the area of any roaming ghosts.

The traditional craving of a pumpkin originally took place in Ireland when people would use turnips or potatoes to carve out their Jack-O-lanterns, it wasnt until the Irish immigrants arrived in America that the more commonly recognised pumpkin was used for this ritual.

Today, Halloween is celebrated in a number of countries around the worls, as the nights draw in people still gather in harvest and celebrate with costumes and "trick or treating".

A number of events will be taking place in Torquay and the surrounding areas of Torbay this Halloween. The Babbacome Model Village takes on a real spooky feel at this time and will be well worth a visit. The caves at Kents Cavern is the perfect location to be scared to death by Martha the Witch, ghost tales and a pumpkin hunt. For those of you a little bit older there is a halloween trail of Terror being organised by the Venue Nightclub in Torquay. And, of course if you need somewhere to rest your head after all this activity accommodation is still available at the Buckingham Lodge guest house Torquay.!/events/497805686904821/