The long awaited Kingkerswell to Torquay bypass is well underway which I believe will be a huge benefit to the area of Torquay, Torbay to ease congestion for all our visitors to the English Riveria.

What is quite surprising is the Mayor in his infinite wisdom has chosen to purchase a Spanish palm tree to mark the "gateway" to the English Riveria, its quite beautiful, looks a bit like a pineapple but the price has caused quite a stir within the residents of Torquay.

7,000 is a lot of money in these cash strapped times, and Torquay is by no means a wealthy town, unemployment is high, the number of single mums is high and many feel the money could have been put to much better use, such as the Surestart project helping families with small children.

The palm will look impressive, lit at night by LED solar lighting and will certainly give a holiday feel on arrival to Torquay but surely a cheaper, alternative would be better? And the fact that it will need to be moved in 3 years time to make way for the new bypass means this topic will be discussed for many months to come.

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